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Faith in the Midst of Famine and Fear
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For a mission-funding project, Serving Jesus Christ Mission needs to buy five cows, fence its land, and build some structures to keep the cows inside at night. SJC needs start-up capital of $10,000.

Intercede International seeks to establish, encourage, and strengthen an indigenous, New Testament witness for our Lord Jesus Christ among all nations by providing material and spiritual aid to Christians who are impoverished, few, or persecuted; and to encourage Christian witness and ministry to the international community in Canada.

Men play drums as they lead their congregation in worship.
Physical and spiritual healing are important focuses for two ministries Intercede works with in West Africa. Canadian Christians are playing an important role by praying for these ministries and giving generously to them—for food, medicine and an orphan home for children affected by the Ebola virus.
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