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Many Children Won to the Lord in Colombia and Venezuela

COLOMBIA (INS)—Vineyard of Colombia, an Intercede International partner ministry, is reaching out effectively to children on the border of Colombia and Venezuela. This past year 138 new souls came to Christ during three VOC evangelistic meetings held in the border region.

“As a means for the task in reaching out to the children we have 67 female teachers who are prepared to share with them the Word of God,” explains VOC leader Luis Guerrero. “One of the methods employed by them is house-to-house visitation. Another tool used for this outreach is to visit the Public Schools of the area. Most of the schools give us a permit for one hour to present the program to the children. The outreach has been successful. Many children have been won for the Lord.”

At VOC’s convention last summer, missionaries gathered statistics about the number of children in the ministry. VOC now has more than 1,600 registered in Colombia.

“In order to continue this outreach we have decided to support these 67 teachers with a special offering each time that we receive a donation from Canada,” explained Guerrero in a December 2017 Intercede Field Report. “In the offering besides some financial help, we prepare a package of goods that they can also share with children. The package includes cookies, candies, and drinks so that they can serve the children after each activity, wherever they go.”

“We thank God for His faithfulness among us,” reported Guerrero to Intercede in January. “We were able to help many in need on the border with Venezuela. Besides the message of hope, we delivered aid in the form of clothing and food. The people of Venezuela are going through difficult times, and it is our duty to help the poor and needy.”


Photo: A Vineyard of Colombia missionary (left) prays for a child.

January 29, 2018


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