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Christians in many countries are taking a bold stand for their faith, on the spiritual frontline. Intercede International has a number of exciting Books available, which can help Canadian Christians to receive a greater “Vision for Mission” to intercede for and learn about their suffering and persecuted brothers and sisters in other countries.

Our One Book Copy at a time is Free, but we do require your Mailing Address as well as your Email and Phone # in order to send it and to be able to send you Intercede Publications and although not required we ask that consideration be given for a contribution which helps cover book production, postage and mailing costs if more than one book is requested.

We normally limit one copy per Book Title per person at a time. If multiple copies of one Book Title are required or multiple different books, please contact the INTERCEDE office at 1-(800) 871-0882 or email us for details of your request and we will respond to your request.


Please see below for a list of books that are currently available.

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