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Short Form Donations Policy for Publications 

When making a donation to Intercede International, the donor acknowledges that the gift will be pooled with all other donations and disbursed by Intercede according to its financial policy for donations. Restricted gifts are deemed by Intercede to include a share of direct expenditures incurred by a ministry project. When gifts exceed a need or if the project for which the gift is designated becomes inactive or unassignable for any reason, then those gifts or any overage shall be used to meet other needs. Assigned and general gifts are expended at the discretion of Intercede. Gifts will not be accepted for purposes that are not within Intercede‚Äôs objects. Intercede shall at all times strive to provide comprehensive information about its work and organization to all inquirers. Remuneration of staff and representatives is not based on gifts or commissions. Donors are advised to seek independent professional counsel before committing to a large gift or endowment to Intercede International. Gifts are acknowledged, and where applicable, receipted with an official receipt for income tax purposes at year end. 

For Albertans: Intercede International is planning to raise an estimated amount of $100,000 or more in Alberta this fiscal year for all projects and campaigns. It will cost our organization an estimated $11,000 to raise this. The funds raised will be going to share the Gospel message with indigenous missions and bring relief to the poor and the vulnerable and to provide disaster relief and educational opportunities worldwide and in Canada.

For further information, please contact James Eagles. Our address is 201 Stanton St. Fort Erie, ON L2A 3N8.