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April 2024

1          Monday ~ Iran—Praise Report!

“It has been almost a year since a member of the Islamic clergy from the city of Q. (the main religious centre for Shi’a Islam in Iran) began to read our articles,” reports Harvest Middle East Ministries leader Lazarus Yeghnazar. “After exchanging many e-mails and answering his questions, the good news is that he has now come to faith in Christ and in the last couple of weeks he has asked me how he can be baptized in Iran. Praise God!”


2          Tuesday ~ Colombia

Pray for the needs of Aranza and her brother Esteban, two children whose parents died tragically in Peru a few months ago. Vineyard of Colombia is helping the grandparents care for these children in Colombia.

201VOC-02-37 Aranza and Esteban

3          Wednesday ~ China

Please pray for God’s blessings on and provision for China Mission’s Gospel Rehabilitation Centre. Praise God for those men whose lives have been transformed through this centre, with God’s power. Pray that more people will be transformed through God’s power working through this ministry.


4          Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries missionaries will bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit and other First Nations people. Praise God for how He is changing lives through CIM.


5          Friday ~ Nepal

Ask the Lord to comfort and encourage the Evangelical Christian Fellowship pastors and other Christians at the Dharan and Amagau churches, and the Glory Church in Nawalparasi, all of whom have faced persecution recently. Pray that God will protect these believers and help them restore damaged property.


6          Saturday ~ Uzbekistan

Praise God for Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship’s successful recent youth conferences and pastoral seminars. UCF plans to hold seminars for the preparation and training of evangelists who will carry out work throughout this country. UCF needs $3,900 for each training session.


7          Sunday ~ India

Pray for God’s blessing on Christian Fellowship Centre’s St. Paul Hostel and Public School. Pray that all of the school’s students will become committed Christians, and that CFC teachers will be good witnesses to them.


8          Monday ~ India

“We thank God for the provision of 20 sewing machines for our Al-Basir Project workers,” reports the leader of Orissa Follow-Up. “Now they are able to build bridges with M people. We are trusting God for His provisions for another 20 sewing machines so that large number of people will draw to the network to learn about God’s Kingdom.” Each machine will cost $170.


9          Tuesday ~ India

Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Sharon English School needs a second building. BPB has made good progress on construction of this project, which consists of building the ground and two more floors, with eight classrooms total, and several washrooms. Praise God that generous Intercede prayer partners have provided generously for this project, leaving $68,000 left to raise. Please pray for the Lord’s provision for this.


10        Wednesday ~ Bangladesh

Please pray for healing for Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh leader Louis Biswas’ sister from abdominal problems, and for $2,700 to cover the cost of surgery.


11        Thursday ~ Nepal

“Resham [founder of Gospel Outreach Centre] is not very well due to his illness for the past 10 years,” reports GOC. “He has been confined to his bed due to Parkinson’s disease. He was able to speak and preach from time to time but lately it been difficult for him. Please do uplift him in your prayers that the Lord’s will be done in his life and that God may continue to grant us the strength to care for him.”


12        Friday ~ Kyrgyzstan

Praise God that in the past two years, Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan held 84 camps for more than 2,500 children and young men. The programs are both for the development of Christian youth and for evangelistic purposes—opening up the possibility for young people to see a different perspective on life. Continue to pray for GNM’s youth and children’s ministries.


13        Saturday ~ Nigeria

Intercede’s partner ministry in Nigeria needs to provide at least 12,000 Hausa Bibles for displaced people. Each Bible costs $2. The ministry also wants to provide 1,000 audio Bibles in Hausa, 800 in Fulfude and 200 in English.


14        Sunday ~ Nepal

“Since January 2023, 267 disciples put their trust in the Lord Jesus and have been baptized by your Gospel partners and more than 9,000 have heard the Good News in person,” reports Anugraha of Gospel Outreach Centre. “You have partnered in providing the Foundation of Faith training to 422 newborns in Christ; 12 pastors and leaders have completed a 30-month modular Bible training;15 evangelists received a 10-week Christian Leadership Training; 10 young men are undergoing vocational skills and Bible training. We were also able to organize a conference called To Radiate Christ [see photo], in which more than 500 young boys and girls participated. Thank you.”


15        Monday ~ India—Praise Report!

Praise be to God that Himalaya Crusade was able to finish the construction of three new church buildings in Nepal recently. “On December 26, 2023, the construction of the Church at Kalimura [Nepal] was completed and inaugurated on that day,” reported Joseph Sodemba, Director of Himalaya Crusade. “It was a blessed moment to experience as the church construction at Kalimura started way back in 2020, but due to financial problems our mission was unable to finish that. But as of now the construction is complete.” Praise God for these completed churches.


16        Tuesday ~ Turkmenistan—Praise Report!

“Two families were very much touched by the Gospel through the ministry of one missionary family who met them by renting land from them for cultivation and sowing,” reports Churches of Turkmenistan. “This area was very far from water, and it was very difficult to water it. There was almost no water left to irrigate the particular field that the missionary family rented. For this reason, the field was empty and nothing grew there. The owners of the field heard the missionary couple praying together to God through Jesus Christ for water for their piece of land. ‘Water will come, even more than is needed,’ said the servants of God. And God showed a miracle! In fact, more than enough water began to flow through the canals. This affected them very much. With such interesting miracles, God strengthens the ministry of His children in the mission fields in order to plant new churches and expand the boundaries of God’s Kingdom in the land of Turkmenistan.”


17        Wednesday ~ Tajikistan

“Now in Tajikistan there are tens of thousands of refugees, especially from Afghanistan,” reports Slavik Radchuk, an evangelist affiliated with Intercede, who recently visited that nation. “They need help. When they come, they live under tents. Our people provide clothing and blankets and food.” Pray for God’s blessings on and provision for Churches in Tajikistan’s work assisting Afghan refugees.


18        Thursday ~ Ukraine

Praise God for rescuing Father’s House children from Kyiv when the current war in Ukraine started in 2022. Thank you to those who donated generously for this purpose. Please continue to pray for their protection and provision as many of them stay currently in Freiburg, Germany. Pray for wisdom for ministry leaders as they plan for a future return of these young people to Ukraine.


19        Friday ~ Thailand

Pray for good health for Elios Ministries leader Pastor Chowkee and his wife, and for them to continue to serve Him effectively. Pray for God’s continued blessings on Chowkee’s leadership of Elios.


20        Saturday ~ China—Praise Report!

“One woman at NB Village had encountered many difficult situations,” reports a missionary with China Mission. “All her pigs in the pen died. Her husband fell accidentally and injured himself. Her daughter had mental issues. Our ministry team visited them on a regular basis—encouraging and caring, and praying for them. God did wonderful work in this family and gradually softened their hearts. Her husband understood Mandarin Chinese. We explained the Gospel to him and told him that we were God’s children and were under His tender care. Satan dared not to touch us. He liked what we told him and welcomed us enthusiastically. One time we told him that those who believed needed to be baptized. He loved the idea of being baptized. We decided to baptize him outside. It was raining. We shared God’s words with him until the rain stopped. Finally, he was baptized. Even though it was cold outside and the water was cold, his heart was warm. Thank God for His grace. To God be the glory!”


21        Sunday ~ Sierra Leone

Praise God that 23 orphans have now moved into New Creation Ministries’ Calvary Children’s Home. Pray for their spiritual growth, good health and good education.


22        Monday ~ Ukraine—Praise Report!

Good Samaritan Mission reported a story of how faith in God literally saved lives, when the Holy Scriptures became a shield not only against spiritual, but also against physical threats. Paramedic Oksana shared the story of one of these amazing rescues: “A wounded man was brought in with an abdominal injury. According to eyewitnesses, the explosion was near him, the debris was large, and we were preparing for the worst. From the outside, the wound was extensive. The doctors were preparing for the operation, they did an ultrasound, and were shocked. There was no debris inside the abdominal cavity. Below the bulletproof vest was a belt bag, from it we took out what saved the life of the soldier: the New Testament, cut in half, took on the deadly hit.” Praise God for saving this man.


23        Tuesday ~ Turkmenistan

Churches of Turkmenistan’s missionaries have distributed 30,000 brochures with prayers of repentance recently. Pray that all those who received those brochures will become committed Christians.


24        Wednesday ~ India

“In 2024 we plan to build around 15 churches,” reports Pastor Andrew Prakasam of ICM. “We already have the donors for eight churches. Seven more to go! It will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $27,000 [per church] depending on the location.” Please pray for provision for those church buildings.


25        Thursday ~ China

Pray for China Mission’s training programs for parents. May God bring recovery of their spiritual lives. Please also pray for the mission’s training for teachers and Character-Building Education for students.


26        Friday ~ Jordan

Pray for Rev. Isam Ghattas’ health and ministry as he leads Manara Outreach Ministries. Please pray for healing for Brother Isam, who is receiving a round of radiation therapy for an illness. Pray that God may give him the spiritual and physical strength to deal with and conquer the side effects and remain encouraged throughout the recovery process. He also is currently wearing a neck brace to support his degenerating spine. Pray also for his wife, Nihad, for healing from health problems.


27        Saturday ~ Peru—Praise Report!

“Juan, the community teacher, got very sick,” reports Segadores. “He went to see the witchcraft doctor. She told him he had been cursed by a woman, and other lies. God put into our hearts to visit him, and he was reconciled with the Lord. We continued visiting him daily. Not too many days afterward, he passed on to glory, but with Jesus.”


28        Sunday ~ Canada—First Nations     

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he guides and directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries. Pray for the Lord to bless ANM’s outreach programs to youth this new year.


29        Monday ~ Egypt

Pray for God’s continued blessings on Reaching All Egypt’s Village Workers and spiritual ministries, such as church-planting, evangelism, and children’s ministry. Praise God for the thousands of people whom RAE Village Workers have reached for Christ during the past year.


30        Tuesday ~ Ukraine

Praise God that Good Samaritan Mission missionaries have given away tens of thousands of Bibles at recent meetings in Ukraine. Pray for thousands of dollars needed to purchase more New Testaments and Bibles for GSM to distribute across Ukraine. GSM has an opportunity this year to print 10,000 copies in large format, for $8 per copy.