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June 2024

1          Saturday ~ India

India Christian Ministries has adopted 500 families in Sri Lanka to supply essential groceries that may last from two to three weeks depending on the size of the family. It costs $28 per care package to provide a family with rice, lentils, oil, tea, sugar, and soap. About 120 families have already received some form of support and many more are still waiting. Please pray for provision–and for political stability in Sri Lanka.


2          Sunday ~ Kenya

Kenya Evangelism Team requests prayer for the need of many English and Swahili Bibles ($19 each), so that believers can study them on their own.


3          Monday ~ India

Please pray for Himalaya Crusade Pastor Daniel Lepcha, as he is in hospital. Recently some pastors went to visit him. He will have an operation, so kindly pray for his successful operation and a speedy recovery.


4          Tuesday ~ South Sudan

Praise God that some of the children in the care of South Sudan Mission’s Savannah Children’s Centre participate in church leadership activities, some are leaders in church choirs, and others are leaders of Sunday schools. Pray that all of the children and youth in the care of the Centre will become committed Christians soon.


5          Wednesday ~ India

Pray for D. B. Hrudaya (above left) as he leads Orissa Follow-Up. He is suffering from an illness and is under intensive care and strict medication and diet. Pray that God will restore his health.


6          Thursday ~ Thailand—Praise Report! 

Praise God that last December Elios Ministries held an Evangelistic Meeting to which 243 non-believers came. Of these 212 accepted Jesus Christ and 139 people took water baptism. Elios held another Evangelistic Meeting last December at Nakhon Nayok Prison with 68 inmates. Missionaries shared a clear presentation of Christ and salvation through Jesus Christ alone. Praise the Lord that about 20 people accepted Jesus Christ and confessed their sins.


7          Friday ~ Kenya

In recent months, one Ebenezer Life Centre dormitory had a small blaze, and children lost property worth $1,500. Painting, replacing windows and wiring will cost $2,500. Please pray about these needs.


8          Saturday ~ Indonesia

Please pray for finishing the Oneness Fullness Witness permanent church building in the Sanggau region of West Borneo island. For that, OFW needs $4,700.


9          Sunday ~ Vietnam

Recently there was a young Bru man who had believed in Christ, and he came back to his village to share the Gospel with his family and the people in his village. Praise the Lord, there were 11 people who received Christ. But the young man was put in prison from Christmas season 2022 till now. Please pray for his release.


10        Monday ~ China

Please pray for God’s blessings on and provision for China Mission’s Gospel Rehabilitation Centre, in Y province. Praise God for those men whose lives have been transformed through this centre, with God’s power. Pray that more people will be transformed through God’s power working through this centre’s missionaries.


11        Tuesday ~ Peru

Please pray for the Churches of Ayacucho women’s team, and also for the women of the Peruvian Andes. Many of them are illiterate, so COA has established a program to teach them to read and write, using the Bible. COA needs funding for literacy programs among women more than 30 years old among the Quechuan population.

245COA-03-63 Women Program

12        Wednesday ~ Colombia—Praise Report!

“We thank God for the celebration of our National Convention from January 8 to 12, 2024 in Pore, Casanare,” reports Marilu Martinez of Vineyard of Colombia. “More than 500 adults and 120 children gathered together on this occasion. During that week we heard the testimonies of the missionaries, and we received teaching in diverse subjects during the event. We thank you for all your support in prayers and in finances for the work of God in Colombia.”


13        Thursday ~ Ukraine

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Good Samaritan Mission’s help for Ukrainians displaced by the current war in Ukraine. Praise God that GSM has been able to help many people with Bibles and relief supplies. Please pray for a peaceful resolution to the war in Ukraine.


14        Friday ~ India

Pray for God’s blessing on Christian Fellowship Centre’s St. Paul Public School. Pray that all of the school’s students will become committed Christians, and that CFC teachers will be good witnesses to them.


15        Saturday ~ Israel

Pray for God’s blessings on and provision to help Netivah Christian Ministries missionaries deliver relief supplies to survivors of the ongoing conflict in Israel and Gaza. Pray also for Netivah’s ministry to Israeli soldiers. Pray for an end to that war.


16        Sunday ~ Philippines

Student Missionary Outreach will hold its National Conference from July 15 to 19, 2024, to which its workers and student leaders nationwide will be coming over to attend. Please uphold SMO in your prayers for the needs of this conference. Missionaries are praying for $8,200 for the transportation, food, and other costs of this conference.


17        Monday ~ Tajikistan

Praise God for His blessings on the Churches in Tajikistan children’s ministry. Pray for safety for CIT missionaries doing this work, as the government now has laws prohibiting religious organizations to work with children—even with the permission of their parents. Pray for God’s protection of all of CIT’s missionaries and their families.


18        Tuesday ~ Liberia

Praise God that Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries has dug more than 12 wells for villages. Currently, 20 villages still urgently need wells. To dig one well costs $2,870. Please pray for provision.


19        Wednesday ~ Türkiye

Turkish Christian Fellowship Pastor Najat’s wife, E, had a major operation last November costing $8,600. “When she came out of surgery, she was in a lot of pain from the surgery,’” reports TCF. “We pray for her to get well completely. We need to go for a check-up every once in a while. We are grateful for your prayers and help. May God bless you.” Please pray for provision for the operation, and for E’s complete healing.


20        Thursday ~ India

Praise God for the many people who have found salvation and healing through Siloam Evangelical Fellowship and God’s work in their lives. Please pray for all the new believers who have accepted Christ as their personal Saviour—for their spiritual growth in the Lord. Also pray for those who heard the Gospel of Christ from SEF missionaries—that they will come forward and accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.


21        Friday ~ Egypt—Praise Report!

Reaching All Egypt recently held four courses at the Oasis, where 156 trainees were trained in six different vocations: barbering, car driving, mobile phone maintenance, hairdressing, air conditioning, and sewing. “By following up with the trainees, we knew that 112 trainees had worked with the vocations they learned, 31 had worked with another vocation,” reports RAE. “We thank God that 111 trainees accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour. A variety of spiritual and social topics were presented in the daily discussion times, which aimed to build the personalities of the trainees.”


22        Saturday ~ India

Good Samaritan India now has 37 churches, 16 full-time pastors and seven evangelists, a school, and two orphan homes, one with 65 orphans. Pray for GSI’s missionaries to continue to expand the Kingdom of God across India.


23        Sunday ~ Iran

Pray for Harvest Middle East Ministries’ Pearl program, which focuses on counselling and supporting women who have experienced abuse and brokenness in their lives such as domestic violence, or co-dependent relationships.


24        Monday ~ India

Praise God for generous donations to put a down payment on a good used Toyota Innova vehicle for the Peace Ministries India pastors’ team to travel to share the Gospel with unreached people. Please pray for another $4,700 in funding needed to complete the sale and possession of the vehicle by PMI.


25        Tuesday ~ China

Intercede for China Mission’s TLR ministry and for its mission field: youth. Pray that the Lord will transform their lives. May the Lord prepare future disciples. Pray that more Christians will have burdens for youth ministry. May the Lord raise up more TLR coworkers to labour in the harvest field. Pray for the funds needed to support coworkers. Pray for this ministry team, for unity and commitment to God’s Great Commission.

900CHM-01-28 TLR

26        Wednesday ~ Peru

Pray for strength and healing for Segadores missionary Antonia Yalta, who suffers pain due to damaged disks in her back, foot pain, and who may need an operation for another health problem.


27        Thursday ~ Azerbaijan

Pray for Brotherhood of Azerbaijan’s missionaries to reach out successfully to the Talysh people, and print Christian literature in the Talysh language ($9,160 needed). Praise God for the thousands of people whom BOA has already reached through this ministry and the new churches that have been planted. Thank the Lord for those who have supported this project financially.


28        Friday ~ Canada—First Nations        

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he guides and directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries. Pray for the Lord to bless ANM’s outreach programs to youth this year.


29        Saturday ~ Kazakhstan

Praise God for His provision of Kazakh Bibles to New Life Ministries Kazakhstan. Pray for more Bibles for NLM missionaries to distribute. Pray that all those who receive these Bibles will read them often and become faithful followers of Christ. 


30        Sunday ~ Nepal—Praise Report!

“You have blessed more than 100 elderly people and 50 children by donating to provide warm jackets,” reports A. of Gospel Outreach Centre. “It took our team four days to get to the village where we distributed these essential items. Accustomed to receiving basic necessities such as rice and lentils, villagers were pleasantly surprised by this considerate gift. Thank you for being so generous and kind. May the Lord continue to use you for His glory.”