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March 2023

1          Wednesday ~ India—Praise Report!

During 2022, India Christian Ministries missionaries accomplished the following with God’s empowerment: 42 baptisms; laying of foundation stone for four church buildings; dedication of 12 church buildings in Sri Lanka; support of more than 800 families affected by COVID-19; 250 widows received monthly support; support of more than 700 children in two schools; monthly support of 27 families with leprosy. Praise God for His work through this ministry.


2          Thursday ~ Turkmenistan

Churches of Turkmenistan’s missionaries have distributed 30,000 brochures with prayers of repentance. Pray that all those who receive those brochures will become committed Christians in the near future.


3          Friday ~ Ukraine

Pray for Father’s House as it takes care of some families displaced by the war in Ukraine. Today there are four two-bedroom apartment module houses that hold eight families from the east of Ukraine. This ministry also houses some displaced people in its headquarters building near Kyiv. Pray for provision for this ministry. Intercede for a peaceful end to the current war in Ukraine.


4          Saturday ~ India

Pray for increased freedom for Siloam Evangelical Fellowship missionaries to spread the Gospel, and for protection of SEF’s missionaries and their families. Pray for God’s power to triumph over opposition to Christianity in India.


5          Sunday ~ Egypt

Reaching All Egypt is seeking assistance for its vocational training classes (Life Schools), which cost about $90 per person. Please pray for provision.


6          Monday ~ Kenya

A drought has been affecting 14 counties in Kenya. Pray for funds to help Cornerstone Evangelistic Ministries to help brothers and sisters in affected areas—including Samburu, Isiolo, Etopu and dry parts of Meru.


7          Tuesday ~ Nepal

Gospel Outreach Centre’s Resham has been bedridden due to Parkinson’s disease for much of the past few years. His feet are unable to stand on the ground and his arms have tremors. He is still able to speak and preach though. He can listen to his phone and read and can even preach online from his phone. Please pray for his healing.


8          Wednesday ~ Israel—Praise Report!

“I want to say thank you to those who contributed to the new vehicle we got,” reports Joel Goldberg, leader of Netivah Christian Ministries. “We got a brand new, white Savana van. We’re excited about using it and what God’s going to be doing with it through us during this summer.” Thank the Lord for providing this need.


9          Thursday ~ India

Pray for provision for Peace Ministries India to expand its sewing skills program (Pedaravuru Peace Sewing School). To sponsor one candidate for the duration of the six-month course takes $750. PMI also plans to give sewing machines to the graduates so they can work independently from their homes. Praise God for those who have been helped out through this program. Please pray for their salvation.


10        Friday ~ Ukraine

Right now Good Samaritan Mission has a great need for Bibles. “Every mayor asked for at least 2,000 Bibles,” reported GSM’s Slavik Radchuk after a recent visit to Ukraine. “We sent Bibles to Romania, because more than 400,000 Ukrainian refugees are in Romania. Churches accepted them. We sent a lot of Bibles to Poland, because in Poland are four million Ukrainians. I had a crusade for them. A lot of people came to the street in summertime when I preached to Ukrainian people in Poland.” Please pray for more Bibles for GSM missionaries to distribute.


11        Saturday ~ India

Bombay Revival Prayer Band’s Sharon English School, which operates for its orphans and destitute children and for village children in the surrounding area, and which is also the only local Christian school, needs a second building. BPB has started construction on this project, which consists of building the ground and two more floors, with eight classrooms total, and several washrooms. Praise God that generous Intercede prayer partners have provided much for this project, leaving approximately $84,300 left to raise. Please pray for the Lord’s provision for this.


12        Sunday ~ Turkey

A devastating earthquake struck southeast Turkey on February 6, killing more than 50,000 people. Turkish Christian Fellowship, partnered with Intercede International, has put together a plan to help earthquake survivors in that region. Pray for provision for TCF missionaries to provide relief supplies such as hot soup and bread, water, milk, diapers, and blankets to survivors of the earthquake in Turkey.  Please give generously to help TCF missionaries deliver relief supplies to earthquake survivors. 


13        Monday ~ Canada

Intercede International carries out its Gospel programs with 48 national ministry partners. The full-time staff works diligently to keep Canadian supporters informed about the work of partner missions. They communicate with, occasionally visit these ministries, and help them with challenges. Please keep in your prayers Intercede staff and volunteers, their families and health, and the financial needs of Intercede’s home operations.


14        Tuesday ~ Thailand—Praise Report!

“From December 3 to 5, our evangelism was successful with 238 people accepting Jesus Christ and 152 people getting baptized on December 4, 2022. Praise the Lord!” reports Rev. Chowkee, leader of Elios Ministries. “Our local churches have been conducting monthly water baptisms. In the past six months 87 people got baptized. Last July 15 to 16, Elios Maesot Lighthouse Church held an Evangelistic Meeting with 280 people. Of them 92 people accepted Jesus Christ and 21 people got baptized. Praise the Lord!”


15        Wednesday ~ India

Himalaya Crusade needs prayer and help to strengthen established churches and build new church buildings. Some church buildings need to be completed: Suresh Burman’s church; Romila Sodemba’s church in Lepcha village; and Daniel Samdup’s church in Burtuk, Sikkim among the Sherpas. Please pray for thousands of dollars needed for these churches.


16        Thursday ~ Colombia

In December 2022 a couple connected with Vineyard of Colombia living in Peru planned to come to Sogamoso, Colombia, and spend the holidays with their family. Unfortunately, a few days before the trip they were attacked, robbed and killed in Peru. Their two young children (photo) are now orphans, living with their grandparents in Colombia. VOC has been supporting this family as much as it can with the expenses, but it is not enough. Pray for comfort and encouragement and provision for the needs of Aranza, her brother Esteban, and their grandparents.

201VOC-02-37 Aranza and Esteban

17        Friday ~ Kenya

One of Ebenezer Life Centre’s dormitories had a small mishap, went through a blaze and children lost property worth $1,500. Painting, replacing windows and wiring will cost $2,500. Please pray about these needs. 572ELC-02-47

18        Saturday ~ Bangladesh

Please pray for God’s continued blessings on Louis Biswas he leads Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh. Pray for IMB to accomplish its vision for 2023. Please pray to the Lord that He will break the blindness of Bengali N. people, Hindu, Buddhist and all tribal and unreached people groups so that they may know the Truth of God.


19        Sunday ~ India

India Christian Ministries has adopted 500 families in Sri Lanka to supply essential groceries that may last anywhere from two to three weeks depending on the size of the family. It costs $28 per care package to provide a families with rice, lentils, oil, tea, sugar, and soap. About 120 families have already received some form of support and many more are still waiting. Please pray for provision, and for political stability in Sri Lanka.


20        Monday ~ Haiti

“We praise God for His goodness,” writes Barb Lataillade of Living Word Ministries. “We are thankful that ministry can continue in spite of all the difficulties in Haiti.” One difficulty is that gangs are causing major problems in Haiti and controlling much of that country. Pray for good health and safe travel for Patrick and Barb Lataillade as they lead LWM. Pray that Patrick will be able to take a respite soon in the U.S.


21        Tuesday ~ Israel

Please continue to pray for Netivah Christian Ministries missionary Ibrahim, his wife Niveen and their three children as Niveen is still recovering from the effects of brain surgery more than a year ago and months of chemotherapy. Pray for her healing physically and for strength emotionally to press forward. She needs to go through extensive rehabilitation. Pray for Ibrahim and the family to be strong.


22        Wednesday ~ El Salvador

New Life Ministries is building its Sanctuary Child and Youth Training Centre in San Miguel to teach the Gospel and rescue youth from a gang lifestyle. Generous Intercede donors and churches have donated the full amount for the main building. The next stage is to raise $21,800 to provide all equipment and furnishings for the dormitories and Youth Trade Centre. These will include audiovisual equipment, air conditioning, stoves, refrigerators and five computers. Please pray for God’s divine supply to complete this project. Thank you to everyone who has donated toward the Sanctuary Centre.


23        Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations   

Pray for Rev. Stephen Stoney as he guides and directs Attawapiskat Native Ministries. Pray for the Lord to bless ANM’s outreach programs to youth this year.


24        Friday ~ Cuba—Praise    Report!

Last November, Intercede’s Eliud Herrera (above left) visited Churches of the Open Bible in Cuba and saw some wonderful results. “By God’s grace I was invited to share the Word of God in their central Church in Guanajay,” he reports. “At least 500 souls attended the meetings there. That Sunday morning the Lord moved wonderfully in the hearts of the people; four souls gave their life to Him, 10 more reconciled with Him, and a few others got healed. Before our departure a brother shared that on Monday after the Sunday service a sister came to testify that she had been healed during the service, and another sister went later to testify the same. I was, and still am very encouraged that the Lord used us to do miracles in our day. He is still the same yesterday, today, and forever.”


25        Saturday ~ China

Please pray for God’s blessings on and provision for the China Mission’s Gospel Rehabilitation Centre, in Y province. Praise God for those men whose lives have been transformed through this centre, with God’s power. Pray that more people will be transformed through God’s power working through the missionaries of this centre.


26        Sunday ~ Indonesia—Praise Report!

Rev. Daniel Antone, leader of Oneness Fullness Witness and his team “feel so happy because of our local evangelistic meetings at Selampung village and Jangkang village in hinterland areas,” Antone reports. “There the Lord has been pleased to send several new believers to become Christian faithful church members. Our evangelistic team has been serving in the hard areas of far hinterland Borneo Island. We have distributed many tracts, many books, Holy Bibles and News Testaments among the new believers who will accept the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.” Thanks for your prayers for this ministry.


27        Monday ~ Vietnam

Pray for pastors who are imprisoned in Vietnam for their faith, and for God’s provision for and protection of them, their wives and families. Vietnam For Christ provides support of $660 per year to as many of these families as possible–as they are left with no breadwinner and live in dire poverty.


28        Tuesday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

“We praise God for His goodness to the SMO Ministry in sustaining us for 45 fruitful years. And we are thankful to him for your faithful partnership with us through the years,” declares Student Missionary Outreach leader Nenita Del Mundo. “For 45 fruitful years, God never failed to keep His promises. This program yielded so much fruit in the lives of many youth nationwide. Many of them became members of different local churches and had grown to become church leaders, Christian workers, missionaries, pastors, responsible citizens and public servants of the country.”


29        Wednesday ~ Peru

Pray for God’s provision for Segadores’ ongoing training of missionaries. Pray that God will supply the right teachers and bring them the trainees of His choice.


30        Thursday ~ China

Please pray for China Mission’s Y Evangelical Mission’s ministry plans. Many information and statistics on minority groups in China were gathered and calculated by mission organizations overseas. A great deal of the information was either out of date or inaccurate. Many churches in China have the burden to adopt one particular ethnic group to support and pray for. YEM plans to do more research on minority groups so that accurate and updated data could be presented to churches and mission organizations. Please pray that God will provide sufficient funding and bless the research process.


31        Friday ~ India—Praise     Report!

Last December, Good Samaritan India leader Rev. Joshua Daniel Adipi was invited to share the Good News of Jesus Christ at the Andhra Pradesh State Council of Churches Christmas Celebrations. “More than 5,000 people attended to the event,” reported Adipi. “Dozens of them accepted Christ at the event. God touched the hearts of the people. All glory and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ.”