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April 2023

1          Saturday ~ Liberia

Pray for the Lord to bless and provide needed funds for Christ Evangelistic Fellowship Ministries’ crusades and revival meetings. Pray for more souls to be won to Christ through God’s power and the work of these missionaries.


2          Sunday ~ Kenya

Remember Kenya Evangelism Team leader Rev. Felix Misiko Murunga, who lost his daughter in early December. Pray that God may give him and his family strength as they mourn for her and help the family. She has left behind five children who are still young. Her husband died three years ago.


3          Monday ~ Pakistan

Pray for God’s continued blessings on and protection of the lives and ministries of all Pakistan Gospel Assemblies missionaries and their families and all Christians in Pakistan, as persecution of Christians increases there.


4          Tuesday ~ Iran—Praise Report!

“The Z. family was being taken to a safe house,” report Harvest Iran Ministries. “They were travelling from R. [Pakistan] to J. When we entered in the city the situation was very bad. There was a high degree of fear and police check posts were active everywhere. Because they had had to escape quickly, the Z. family didn’t have any formal travel documents, such as a visa. While we were driving, we approached a police check post. Everyone was very concerned about what might happen to this family. We stopped at a nearby gas station and phoned Pastor D to pray for us in this situation. A strong rain came and as a result the police check posts left the road and we were able to pass the check post with great ease. Praise God!”


5          Wednesday ~ Thailand

Continue pray for Elios Ministries missionary Mr. Kyaw Moe Khaing, who has been having blood dialysis for two years because of kidney failure. Both Khaing and his wife are fulltime ministers. Pray for their weekly expenses to be met.


6          Thursday ~ Uzbekistan

Praise God that Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship missionaries purchased 5,300 Bibles recently in Uzbek and other languages. UCF needs to buy more Bibles in the Uzbek, Russian, and Karakalpakian languages. Pray for provision of $5,000 for this.


7          Friday ~ South Sudan

Last year, South Sudan Mission harvested 12.5 tonnes of corn that will help feed its 100 children at the Savannah Children’s Centre for the next few months. SSM needs a new diesel grinding machine (cost: $3,700) to help grind the corn to feed the children. Please pray about this need.


8          Saturday ~ Philippines

Pray for provision of $19,100 needed for a well to be dug for Student Missionary Outreach’s Promised Land property.


9          Sunday ~ Jordan

Pray for provision for Manara Outreach Ministries’ work with Syrian refugees in the Middle East (thousands of dollars needed). Pray for lasting peace to come to Syria. Pray also for peace in Iraq, and for Manara’s work with refugees from that nation.


10        Monday ~ Sierra Leone

Pray for God’s blessings on, speedy recovery and healing for Mitford Macauley, as he leads New Creation Ministries. Praise God for providing his recent medical expenses through Intercede and its supporters.


11        Tuesday ~ Indonesia

Pray for God’s blessings on Oneness Fullness Witness’ outreach work among Muslim people. Pray for peace between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia, and for many Muslims to receive salvation. Pray for lasting peace in Indonesia, and for God’s protection of all Christians and churches there.


12        Wednesday ~ Nigeria—Praise Report!

“Thanks for the provision of Treasure Audio Bibles,” writes the leader of Intercede’s Nigerian ministry partner.  “This has become the greatest tool to reach the unreached. People love hearing these and many Muslims have become believers. Home studies and cells for listening groups have increased and stories come from them about encouraging advancement. In the North, Muslim groups have accepted the audio Bible—particularly the Old Testament and then eventually the entire Word. The Ministry of the Treasure is fantastic in Fulani missions.”


13        Thursday ~ India

“Thank you for all your prayers for my brother John Krupakar who was brutally attacked by extremists in 2021,” reports Good Samaritan India leader Rev. Joshua Daniel Adipi. “He was able to recovered very much by His grace and all of your prayers. He still needs to undergo two surgeries very soon. Kindly pray for and support for his need. Recently he was able to address the Church with the Great Testimony and Gospel of Jesus Christ. Nine of the people were inspired and accepted Christ Jesus.”


14        Friday ~ Myanmar

Pray about Myanmar’s instability and violence in many places. Pray for peace. Witnessing For Christ missionaries need so much of His protection daily. Pray for the health and strength of WFC workers who need to travel sometimes into very difficult areas.


15        Saturday ~ Kyrgyzstan

Visiting hospitals and helping people in need have been especially important during the pandemic that has affected large families in Kyrgyzstan—especially people with disabilities. One task of Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan is to help more than 2,500 families. “We provide help and hope in Jesus,” reports the ministry. “Through this ministry, God has given us an opportunity to reach people and open seven new home churches in the last few months.” Please pray for this vital ministry.


16        Sunday ~ Kazakhstan

The cost of a New Life Ministries Kazakhstan youth camp-conference for 110 people is $5,600. Pray for NLM’s plans to organize youth camps in different regions of Kazakhstan.


17        Monday ~ Ethiopia

Pray for the Lord’s blessings for Pastor Eshetu Worike as he gives leadership to Rhema Gospel Mission. Pray for complete healing for him from his recent leg injury.


18        Tuesday ~ Tajikistan

Praise God for His blessings on the Churches in Tajikistan children’s ministry. Pray for safety for CIT missionaries doing this work, as authorities try to prohibit religious organizations to work with children, even with the permission of their parents.


19        Wednesday ~ Nepal

Intercede International received word in January that Evangelical Christian Fellowship missionary Sareeta passed on to glory. She had been suffering from cancer, ALS, heart and speech problems. Pray for the Lord to comfort, encourage and strengthen Sareeta’s family and other ECF missionaries as they mourn her loss.


20        Thursday ~ Philippines

Praise God that Smoky Mountain Ministries missionaries baptized new believers recently in Palawan. Pray for their spiritual growth. Pray for a plentiful spiritual harvest from the work of SMM missionaries and the churches with which they are connected.


21        Friday ~ Peru

Churches of Ayacucho runs a yearly training program to prepare its workers better. Please pray for provision of $8,000 per year to run this program—which includes lodging, manuals, food, and teachers’ compensation. Pray for God’s blessing on COA’s training of pastors and church leaders and discipleship of new believers.


22        Saturday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries will bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit and other First Nations people. Praise God for changed lives through CIM with God’s power.


23        Sunday ~ Cuba

Please pray for God’s continued blessings on and provision for Churches of the Open Bible’s work with children, youth and elders. The Children’s Ministry needs $20 per person per month to feed 900 children in different parts of Cuba.


24        Monday ~ Azerbaijan

One of the greatest needs of ministries in Central Asia is for Bibles. Pray that Brotherhood of Azerbaijan will be able to provide more Bibles to the various ethnic groups of this nation.


25        Tuesday ~ India

Praise God for Orissa Follow-Up’s work among Unreached People Groups such as the Munda, Bathudi, and Mankidias. Pray for the transformation of these groups, and for strongholds to be broken. This ministry plans to open 100 literacy centres. Pray for funds for training and for educational materials for these centres.


26        Wednesday ~ Nigeria

As Christians continue to pay highly for their faith in northwestern Nigeria, we ask you to pray for God to protect our partner missionaries in that region. Pray for missionaries in Kaduna state who were displaced a year ago and lost almost everything.


27        Thursday ~ Iran

Pray for Harvest Iran Ministries as it provides help to persecuted Christians. Pray for God’s protection of all Christians in Iran, especially those in prison, and for release of those prisoners. Pray for freedom for Iranian churches to worship God more openly.


28        Friday ~ India

Praise God for blessing Christian Fellowship Centre with more than 50 years of ministry. Pray for God’s blessing on CFC’s St. Paul Public School. Pray that all of the school’s students will become committed Christians.


29        Saturday ~ Ukraine

Praise God for rescuing Father’s House children from Kyiv when the current war started. Please continue to pray for their protection and care as they stay temporarily in Freiburg, Germany. Pray for wisdom for ministry leaders as they plan for the future for the children and youth in their care.


30        Sunday ~ Nepal—Praise Report!

“Because of your partnership, 224 people were baptized in 2022,” reports Gospel Outreach Centre. “More than 5,000 people were touched with the Gospel at a personal level by your GOC Gospel partners. You sponsored short-term training (one to five days) for 437 people. Short-term trainings are for new believers, young people, to help them grow in the knowledge and obedience to the Lord. You helped support long-term training (10 to 52 weeks) for 36 people. Long-term training includes biblical and trade skills training provided to existing and emerging leaders.”