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December 2022

1          Thursday ~ Egypt

Praise God for the thousands of people whom Reaching All Egypt Village Workers have reached for Christ during the past year. Pray for God’s continued blessings on RAE’s Village Workers and spiritual ministries, such as church-planting and evangelism.


2          Friday ~ Bolivia

Serving Jesus Christ Mission requests that we pray for SJC missionaries in diverse places such as San Joaquin, Trinidad, and Guayaramerin, who are suffering economically to support their families. Most of their missionaries are tentmakers, and their income is low now. Please pray for His divine supply for these missionaries and their families.


3          Saturday ~ Bangladesh—Praise Report!

“Six days a week our missionaries are preaching the Gospel in different places among H, M, different tribal people, even among nominal Christians,” reports Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh. “About 310 people heard the Gospel in 30 villages in July. We are praising our Lord that about 55 persons have shown their interest to receive the Lord Jesus.”


4          Sunday ~ India

India Christian Ministries has a vision to plant 2,020 churches in India. Pray that God will bless and provide for this vision. Pray for God’s continued blessings on ICM’s church-planting in northern India, which needs support each month of at least $1,000.


5          Monday ~ Nepal

Gospel Outreach Centre has a radio program, meant to reach non-Christians with the Gospel, for half an hour, once a week. Pray for God’s blessings on that, and for many people to tune in and draw closer to God.


6          Tuesday ~ Tajikistan

“Youth camps have become an effective way in reaching young people for Jesus Christ,” reports Churches in Tajikistan leader Pastor Beni. “Tajikistan is a very young country. Sixty percent of population is under 20 years old. This past summer we presented six youth camps for young people in different parts of the country.” Pray for the Lord to bless and provide for the CIT youth camp ministry.


7          Wednesday ~ India

“We want to express our gratitude of love for those who prayed for John Krupakar (46 years old) who was brutally attacked on August 2, 2021, in the Church Premises,” reports Daniel Adipi of Good Samaritan India. “Thank God he is alive today thanks to all your prayers. His two legs were totally damaged and his hands were broken. He can’t do his work on his own. He was brutally attacked on the head, too. John needs two more surgeries as soon as possible, so that he can walk and do his small work on his own. Kindly pray for him and support him. This will cost $5,800 to $6,500 to go for Medical Treatment.”


8          Thursday ~ Nepal

Pray for healing for Evangelical Christian Fellowship missionary Sareeta from cancer, ALS, heart and speech problems. Pray for funds needed to cover the cost of her hospitalization and treatment. Praise God that Intercede and its prayer partners have provided medical aid for Sareeta in recent months.


9          Friday ~ Jordan

Pray for provision for Manara Outreach Ministries’ work with Syrian refugees in the Middle East. Pray for lasting peace to come to Syria. Pray also for peace in Iraq, and for Manara’s work with refugees from there.


10        Saturday ~ Peru

In late October, Peter Hocking, the founder and leader of Segadores, passed on to glory after suffering from cancer. Pray for the Lord to comfort and encourage his wife, Marta, and their family, and other Segadores missionaries.


11        Sunday ~ Ukraine

“Our basement served as a shelter during the shelling to foster families, staff and evacuated families from Bucha,” writes the leader of Father’s House. “Therefore, we are looking for opportunities to build a bomb-proof shelter according to all the norms and regulations, which will cost $38,000. There are many children and adults whose lives are in danger and are closely connected to Father’s House. This shelter will enable a safe refuge in times of high alert. In addition, upon future arrival to Ukraine of all the orphans, there is always a risk of a re-invasion and we will ensure the children’s safety with a proper shelter.” Please pray for provision for this project. Father’s House staff and children are currently safe in Germany.


12        Monday ~ Indonesia

Pray for finishing Oneness Fullness Witness’s project of a permanent church building in the Sanggau region of West Borneo island. For that, OFW needs $4,700. OFW also needs financial help for the construction of a prayer house/home church in Bantul Village.


13        Tuesday ~ Myanmar

Pray for continued provision for Witnessing For Christ’s tract ministry. WFC needs $1,000 per month to print them. Pray that many people will read these tracts and become committed Christians.


14        Wednesday ~ Uzbekistan

Praise God that Uzbekistan Christian Fellowship missionaries purchased 5,300 Bibles recently in Uzbek, Kazakh, Karakalpak and Russian languages. UCF needs to buy more Bibles in the Uzbek, Russian, and Karakalpakian languages. Pray for provision of $5,000 for this.


15        Thursday ~ Vietnam

“We went to preach the Holy Bible and to support many Se Dang new Christians in T. house church, Q. province,” reports the leader of Vietnam For Christ. “They had persecution with local government members. Mr. H., who just received Christ, was beaten nearly to death.” Intercede for the Lord’s protection for Christians in Vietnam who are persecuted for their faith. Pray for VFC missionaries as they minister to persecuted Christians.


16        Friday ~ Turkmenistan

Churches of Turkmenistan have distributed 3,500 Bibles in various towns and villages of Turkmenistan. “The religious situation in the country is under the strict control of special services,” reports COT. “The Bible, unfortunately, is a forbidden book and the importation of the Bible into the country is prohibited. Despite all this, the ancient caravan by camel routes still works and there are many people among the Turkmen people who are very eager and interested in receiving and reading the Holy Scriptures.” Pray for funds for these missionaries to purchase more Bibles. Pray that all who receive Bibles will give their lives to God.


17        Saturday ~ Sierra Leone

Pray for God’s blessings on and healing for Mitford Macauley,  who leads New Creation Ministries. Praise God for providing his medical expenses through Intercede.


18        Sunday ~ Azerbaijan

“This year, thanks to you, we held two educational camps,” reports Brotherhood of Azerbaijan. “One camp was specifically for deaf people. We ministered to all the people, prayed for the sick and, in conclusion, we held a water baptism for new believers.” Pray for the Lord to continue to bless BOA’s camp ministry.


19        Monday ~ Kazakhstan

“This year we held our largest youth conference in Central Asia,” reports New Life Ministries Kazakhstan. “It focused on youth evangelism and mission. It was a historic event because about 1,200 young people from five countries of Central Asia came together to glorify God and hear the Word of God.” The cost of an NLM youth camp-conference for 110 people is $5,600. Pray for NLM’s plans to organize more youth camps. Praise God for providing $5,600 earlier this year for one such camp.


20        Tuesday ~ Colombia

Praise God for the success of the Vineyard of Colombia 33rd National Congress that took place last June 27 to July 1 in Pore, Casanare. Pray for preparation for the next VOC general convention in Pore, which will take place from January 9 to 15, 2023.


21        Wednesday ~ Thailand

One Elios Ministries pastor, Mr. Kyaw Moe Khaing, has been having blood dialysis for a year because of kidney failure. Both Khaing and his wife are fulltime ministers with Elios. Pray that their weekly expenses will be met each week, including medical costs.


22        Thursday ~ Kyrgyzstan

“Evangelism in any form is prohibited in this country; evangelism is allowed only in the church buildings,” reports Good News Mission Kyrgyzstan. “This cannot stop us from doing the work entrusted to us by Christ. Methods change but they do not become less effective. The church youth go out into the streets with various activities, touching upon the relevant issues of people’s lives. They meet new people and invite them to attend Bible study groups in which they share a fuller picture of the Gospel. There is also an opportunity to pray with people and distribute Bibles and then invite them to join Sunday services. Thus in the past three months alone, the Gospel has been heard by more than 700 people in three cities. Through this work, 121 people are now attending Bible study groups.” Pray for continued blessing of GNM’s evangelism work.


23        Friday ~ Bangladesh

“Many churches of our ministry have no worship house,” reports the leader of Indigenous Mission of Bangladesh. “That is why they are worshiping and conducting Sunday services under the open sky. Please pray to the Lord that He would help us to make worship houses at least by tin. All sides and roof will be tin and the floor will be brick and cement and we need for this $1,300 to $1,600 for each church. We want to make five worship houses for five different churches.”


24        Saturday ~ Philippines

Praise God for Smoky Mountain Ministries’ missionaries, who have served God faithfully for many years. Pray for health, strength, wisdom and financial provision for SMM’s workers and their families.


25        Sunday ~ Nigeria

Pray that Intercede’s partner ministry in Nigeria will be able to provide borehole wells to more communities. Praise God that Intercede and its supporters have provided $20,000 to this ministry for borehole wells in recent months. It needs five boreholes in new communities: Nagane-Bausman and Kumni. Each borehole costs $3,500. Thank you for your prayers.


26        Monday ~ Ukraine

“From February 24 until today, there has not been a single day that houses were not destroyed and human lives were not taken prematurely,” reports Rostyslav Boryshkevych, Director of Good Samaritan Mission. “That is why we, the workers, missionaries and volunteers of GSM, do not stop fighting against evil with good deeds. We continue to serve displaced people, refugees and affected residents of those regions in which hostilities are taking place. We are thankful to everyone who prays for this ministry and continues to support us financially.” Please intercede for God’s protection of and provision for GSM missionaries as they help Ukrainians displaced by the war in Ukraine. Pray for a peaceful end to the war.


27        Tuesday ~ China—Praise Report!

One policeman had come to China Mission’s Gospel Rehabilitation Centre three times seeking help for his alcohol addiction. “This brother was very capable, performed well in his job, and was highly valued by his boss,” reports the ministry. “He first came to the Centre six or seven years ago. He was so drunk when that our staff was afraid to take him in. He arranged to retire early and humbly came to the Centre the third time. We accepted him. Now he is steadily growing and learning. His wife hopes he could be used by the Lord and become a blessing to many.”


28        Wednesday ~ Philippines—Praise Report!

Leopoldo Solomon and Preda Estorco, of the town of Carolan, are grateful for how Student Missionary Outreach helped them recover from a devastating typhoon. “Our municipality is still without electricity and a good source of drinking water,” they reported to SMO. “I thank God for the visit of the SMO Team to our place where they provided for us solar lights, which are very useful for us. Children now have lamps to study their lessons even at night. Thank God because I am also one of the beneficiaries of building materials for my broken house due to Typhoon Odette. I can’t thank God enough for all the blessings He bestowed on us by using different people to work together to share with us the love of God and the hope of salvation we can have in Christ.”


29        Thursday ~ Canada—First Nations

Pray that Canada Inuit Ministries will bring healing and God’s salvation into the lives of Canada’s Inuit and other First Nations people. Praise God for changed lives through CIM with God’s power.


30        Friday ~ China

Please pray for China Mission’s YEM ministry plan for this year. Many churches in China have the burden to adopt one particular ethnic group to support and pray for. YEM plans to do more research on minority groups so that accurate and updated data could be presented to churches and mission organizations. Please pray that God will provide sufficient funding and bless the research process.


31        Saturday ~ Philippines

Pray that Student Missionary Outreach ministry leaders, missionaries, and youth will have lives consistent with God’s Word and be living, powerful testimonies of lives changed by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Pray for good working relationships with pastors and churches and youth, in evangelism and discipleship.